lunes, 6 de abril de 2009

Last day of the 2009 season!

Time is up! The months have flown by, people are getting ready to close their homes and head up north. If I were to try to describe this season I would not know where to start.

From day one, we enjoyed looking at the sun coming up over the mountains. Our town was just beginning to wake up. Once in a while "CD", our neighbor's dog would show up at the bakery and would sit on the porch to make us company. Or... maybe to smell the nice scent coming from inside, hoping for a small morsel. A few hours later, with the bread made, the baskets full, the tables set, the terraces raked, the porch clean, the music going, the welcoming flags out, the quotes of the day written... another day at Peace and Loaf was about to start.

Every day was a different day. Some of the faces were familiar, some were new. Some were carrying The Calendario in their hands and with a proud voice announced "We made it", we did not know what "el otro lado" meant. Some were referrals, friends of friends, some were bakers. We met at least four more bakers this season. That was great fun to exchange notes.

But the most important thing that we always come out with is the happy smiles, and the connections built between all of us. We are all part of the big web of life and we are interconnected.

This last photo is of our European friends: Conchita, Magda (of Tres Gallines), Sylvie and Vincent.

Till the next one my friends! New Season Nov. 2009 - April 2010.
Thank you all. Muchísimas Gracias.
George y Gloria

Getting close to the end of the season...

It is 8am when the familiar voice at the end of the receiver asks which breads did we make for the day, and proceeds to order a few to be set aside. This way Howard and Cosima do not need to rush and come a little later to enjoy their Lemon Poppy seed and Zucchini loaves.

It became a tradition to sit with Howard and Cosima towards the end of the day and visit with them. Got to enjoy listening to some of Cosima's writings, looking at her drawings, and reviewing some of her new quotes.

We thank them as we thank all of our loyal customers for supporting our business and helping create a community.

The grandchildren are in town....

Paris and Capri came to visit their grandfather last week. They are beautiful and bright young ladies. At first they were skeptical about our lemon glaze but after trying a little, they asked for more. Please!

Eliana came to visit just before she and her parents headed to the airport. They wanted to take a "caminero" (something you take with you on the road). So cinnamon rolls were wrapped up for their trip to San Jose. Bon voyage!

Calamity Jayne comes to Peace and Loaf...

Our dear friend and neighbor Jayne, or "Calamity Jayne" as she is known in the music and entertainment world came to visit with her friend Caroline. Too bad we did not have a microphone handy or she might have been able to delight us with a few songs.

More delightful visits... and farewells...

It is around the first of April when some of our friends and customers come to say their farewells before heading north. Tax time is around the corner and everyone has to put their affairs in order. So the big happy family starts to get a bit smaller.

Zumba girls came to visit...

It was Lucy, our Zumba teacher's birthday. All the girls brought her to celebrate her birhtday at Peace and Loaf. There were cinnamon rolls all around, which were highly deserved after a whole hour of fun and intense exercise.

Is it Wednesday or Saturday...

It seems like George and me run our lives based on our Wednesdays and Saturdays. There is a lot to do in addition to baking. Running a bakery requires ordering the proper ingredients on a weekly basis. Particularly since we use fresh herbs and vegetables in a lot of our breads. There is also the upkeep of the garden and the prep for the mixes the day before we open. Then there is the reminder that going to bed anytime after 9 o'clock on Tuesdays or Fridays is probably not a good idea, since the alarm will still ring at 3am. But nevertheless at the end of every Wednesday or Saturday we smile and feel content for bringing a noble product to our community. Bread is soul food.